I ski, travel, and work as an engineer to pay for my skiing and traveling (and to positively contribute to society in some minor way). My favorite part of working as an engineer is writing code, mostly in R. I anticipate that I’ll use this website as a place to show off some of my rad R skills and brag about some of my awesome trips. But, if no one ever reads it, I am happy with this acting as a repository for me to document some of my coding projects.

In 2011, I graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a BS and MS in Civil Engineering with a concentration in water resources. Since then, I have worked for the Bureau of Reclamation, building, and running deterministic and statistical water resource management models.

For fun, I enjoy traveling, skiing, rock climbing, and now, surfing. Most of my trips involve going somewhere to do one of those activities.

I also enjoy programming. While I enjoy solving any problem I can with a computer’s assistance, I focus on creating compelling visualisations of (mostly water related) data. In most cases, I utilize R to solve the problems and create the visualisations, as I have been using it extensively for the previous six years.

I often think, and dream, about future technologies that will make our lives easier. In particular, driverless cars have me extremely excited. The day when I can hop in a car after work and wake up in Jackson Hole, well rested, to 18” of snow, cannot come soon enough. And I’m meditating on what I can do to help that day arrive faster.

For more about what I’m up to right now, check out the Now page. You can also find me on GitHub, Instagram, and LinkedIn below. Or, you can contact me here.

You will be able to find a link to my CV here at some future date. Until then, find me on LinkedIn.