Tash and me on top of Volcan Acatenango, Guatemala

Well, I now have a blog.


The whole idea of setting this thing up came about because I want to create an animated SVG inspired by some figures in a recent Colorado River Drought Visualiation website. As I was fortunate enough to be a part of the early development of the visualiation, I’ve been anxiously awaiting its December publication date so that I can poach, i.e., borrow, some of its code.

While I could setup a local web server using Python, or similar, I thought if I went through the work in developing the figure, I may as well share it. I did some research in trying to figure out how to incorporate an SVG into some of the major blogging websites and originally chose Weebly as the hosting platform. After messing around with its online editor and trying to load custom JavaScript files with little success, I settled on this GitHub page, with Jekyll. It seems like it should do the trick.

And now, I have this skeleton website set up. As of this posting, it is still very bare-bones, but should get filled in over the next few weeks. There may be a little bit of project creep as there is an area for me to showcase some of my trips, but who knows how this site will morph in the future.

I anticipate most of the blog posts will be focused on using R to solve some small problem or visualize some data. But, there will also be some pretty pictures and descriptions of some of my adventures.

For now, stay tuned for more to come, or check out more about me.